How to Protect Your Data with Apple’s NEW Security Feature in iOS 11.4.1!

Learn how to keep your data safe with Apple latest security feature baked into iOS 11.4.1 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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28 Replies to “How to Protect Your Data with Apple’s NEW Security Feature in iOS 11.4.1!”

  1. Jon K.

    What if you turn off the device and then plug in the Apple charger?(obviously iPhones do not remain off when you plug in the charger)
    Would doing this bypass the ‘Restricted Mode’ if the phone had been locked for over an hour before turning if off?
    •PS- I can’t get ‘Restrictive mode to work on iPhone7. I leave my phone locked for over an hour, plug in the charger and it still charges. I have allowed access of certain features when locked too. Would that have an affect on it?(I did update to iOS 11.4)

  2. Jay Dub

    @appleinsider Thanks for reporting this. One of your fans, thought it proper to call me a muthaf****a because they assumed our conversation was an attack on you when I was criticizing Apple for this recent move. Just thought you should know that my sparing with them is no offense you and your channel.

    Sometimes you just can do nothing with the rude and ignorant.

  3. Jay Dub

    It is stupid that they leave a 1 hour window of opportunity. Why not eliminate the vulnerability all together? If the window is there for law enforcement to get into the phone, it is not a lengthy window that would allow them to access the phone for a person of interest and getting a warrant. Either leave it vulnerable for law enforcement or lock it down. I would prefer a secure device. This vulnerability doesn't make our devices secure.

  4. Fiona P

    I'm no expert on this. Far from it. But this maybe the reason Apple maybe looking to ditch jacks, ports and the like. And going completely wireless. Not only for charging but for headphones and for our personal security ( secure in a way but Apple will of course know all about you….)🍎

  5. Frank Malloy

    Everyone's sooooo concerned about the FBI breaking into their phones to siphon their drunk selfies, Facebook posts, and access the $23.42 in their checking accounts. But then you happily hand over all your personal data to Facebook and Google. Stupid.

    Pssst – law enforcement doesn't want your data.

  6. Stephen Bakasa

    Sounds great. I'm all for enhanced security, but I'm curious. You didn't explicitly state how it affects syncing with an already known iTunes library. Does the phone recognise the computer and allow it, or would I have to unlock the phone first?

  7. enzmondo

    I have a question. Why don’t people ever organise their home screens? Like, all of their apps are cluttered everywhere. The only apps that are placed into folders are the Apple stock apps like Stocks, Find My Friends, Tips, Compass, Calculator, etc. And why don’t people also delete the stock apps they know they wouldn’t need ever and at some point they’ve said “I should delete this”? Doesn’t it ever get frustrating having to scroll through so many pages looking for that one app you don’t regularly use? Doesn’t the messy interface bother you?

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