How to jailbreak iOS 9 on Mac OS X using a Windows VM

There is now a proper Pangu for Mac jailbreak tool: This tutorial shows how to use a Windows virtual machine to jailbreak iOS 9 on a Mac in less than 20 minutes. You’ll need to download the Windows 10 ISO and VMware Fusion 8 trials in order to follow this iOS 9 jailbreak tutorial for Mac OS X.

Windows 10 ISO:

VMware Fusion 8:

Full Tutorial:…

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31 Replies to “How to jailbreak iOS 9 on Mac OS X using a Windows VM”

  1. Dontae Baron

    Hi I was looking at this video because I need to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3. I heard Windows 10 doesn't work so well when trying to jailbreak. Is there anyway you can do a video on Windows 7 I just really need to jailbreak. I'm not sure you'll do that all for me. But if you could I'd be so grateful

  2. Jacob Evenson

    I'm trying to jailbreak my iPod 5, and it says the following: "Jake's iPod [iPod5,1 ios9.1(Not suitable. Only for iOS 99.0+)(9.0/9.0.1/9.02)]" Anyone know why it says this and how to fix it?

  3. Bossy Bats

    Thats amazing omg i never knew u could run a pc on a mac im can mod my games now ill purchase spiderman web of shadows throught the windows pc emulator and text mod ill download on the pc 😀

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