How to Install LINEAGE OS 14.1 on Lenovo Zuk Z1 Full Tutorial (Step by Step)

Official Lineage OS Rom:
Zuk Z1 Toolkit:
Unlck Bottloader & install TWRP:
install Zui rom:
Fix Fingerprint & Auto rotate:

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30 Replies to “How to Install LINEAGE OS 14.1 on Lenovo Zuk Z1 Full Tutorial (Step by Step)”

  1. Phoebe

    I have an old phone laying around and I decided to use it again, but it has Cyanogen OS installed on it, which means I can't get into the phone because Cyanogen is dead. Can anyone please help me?

  2. Jayant Sahu

    Dear team
    I my mobile got loaded with lineage os . However after booting error comes as wizard is stopping and close app . I am not getting any other option kindly how do I get older or system default and get back to recover option as only shutdown and restart option is available my email id is

  3. Adeeb Abdulla

    Bro I has a trapped I installed and I format and only recovery has commed and I again flashed same software doesnt worked after flashing it and I changed my recovery and install lineage
    If you are flashing don't forget to flash cm or lineage os our phone has 2 softwares

  4. vijay kale

    gyroscope and accelerometer sensor problem occurred
    also inbuilt camera is terrible image quality is awful
    can i get camera app of previous version of cm12.1? @samtechsupport

  5. Thierry Landry BROU

    i am facing a major issue after flashing lineage os 14.1
    everything was perfect just for 15mn. now my phone keeps rebooting in twrp recocery mode. i restored the initial OS i.e cm 12.1 but problem still pending. help me please, feel very scared for having done Something wrong.

  6. Tanmay Patil

    Bro my fingerprint scanner is not working and there is no option to setup fingerprint lock
    I followed all your steps
    Yours Fingerprint scanner is working mine is not? Can you help?

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