How to fix Galaxy S9 that keeps dropping calls [troubleshooting guide]

Welcome to today’s troubleshooting article for #GalaxyS9 device. This post will outline the solutions that you can try if your S9 keeps on dropping calls for no apparent reason. We hope you’ll find it helpful.

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3 Replies to “How to fix Galaxy S9 that keeps dropping calls [troubleshooting guide]”

  1. Div Jyot Singh

    If only you had the issue would you have a deeper understanding of the issue. I had the problem from day 1. It wasn't an isolated issue and it took over 35 days for samsung officials to acknowledge it over phone and j was told "this issue is already escalated and we are receiving limited complaints". It was a modem compatibility issue with the network so many people didn't face the issue. Luckily a software update fixed the issue for 99 percent of us(we were following up using samsung formmum)after 50 days of launch. Nothing fixed the issue excepr for the update. This was a quality issue. Even today, the people on O2 network have the issue despite having the latest update.

  2. Yusuf Vali

    All those issues have tried with many others. Problem is either a hardware one or a software issue. God only knows what it is.. it's not a network issue as people from all around the world are reporting this issue… More mainly from European countries… So It can't be a network issue in each and every country. fact is that there is something with this phone that causes it to go silent mid call and drop calls it's a Samsung issues… You don't pay close to 800.00 to get a product which might work if you jump around a tree three times clockwise and 2 time anti clockwise on the third lunar calendar month. What the basic function of the phone is to make calls which it is struggling to do. #shameofsamsung #s9issues

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