HOW TO FIX APPLE/IPHONE WIFI PROBLEMS!! (IOS 11.4.1 Software Update Bug Fix)

HOW TO FIX APPLE/IPHONE WIFI PROBLEMS!! (IOS 11.4.1 Software Update Bug Fix)

Right guys, welcome to the video. In this video I’m going to be going through a bug fix with you for Apple wifi problems. I personally have an iPhone 6S Plus but I’ve spoken to other people that are having the same problem with different devices. All of this started when I updated my phone to the new 11.4.1 IOS software update but by resetting the network settings seems to have fixed it. Any other problems, let me…

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24 Replies to “HOW TO FIX APPLE/IPHONE WIFI PROBLEMS!! (IOS 11.4.1 Software Update Bug Fix)”

  1. sailordog Tdm vanoss gaming fan

    i don't know if this is because of the update but i sometimes get no service or searching on my iphone 7 tried the network resets did not work but what i found out how fix the no service none stop grt the latest itune program sync your iphone than restart it it sometime work not always i also have verizon

  2. LFC 4 EVER

    Mine keeps crashing then apple sign comes up and resets I'm going mad I'm so close to smash up the phone, luckily upgrade coming soon so I'm going for a android device fuck Apple its shit should t be doing all this..!!!!

  3. Skidd Lidd Andy

    This didn’t work for me nether did resetting my phone I’ve been living on 4g since and it’s totally burning through my data. They need to sort a fucking update out. I swear to god this is the last peace of shit iPhone I buy, there’s always an issue every time there an update.

  4. Richard Hinton

    Have the same issue with my iPhone SE. Your solution didn’t work, or any other I’ve tried including resetting the entire phone. Took it to Genius Bar and they REPLACED it as it was under warranty and they said I was the ONLY person to come in with this problem … new phone has the same issue! I’m using Virgin Hub btw and have no issues with iPad or Apple TV … update – I replaced my virgin hub V2 with the hub 3 and have had NO issues since, everything works fine. Cost me £25, shouldn’t have had to do it, but worth it for the stress it was giving me.

  5. AnimusFlux

    Same for me. I'll try to google something, the wheel will go forever and then tell me to "connect to internet" What the actual hell? Thank you for the info. Much appreciated bud.

  6. fourbeepaws

    Same problem here, also have Virgin Media SH2. Rebooted Router. Closed down iPhone, restarted, also rebooted it, gone through forget Network, tried Network reset and renew Lease. Still have the problem 😡

  7. david hanson

    I’ve the same problem with my iPad Pro. Also virgin super hub 2. (Amazon fire stick and a roku work fine so no problems with the wifi) I’ve Factory reset the hub. I was told by Apple To reset my pad. Which I’ve done it twice once from the iPad and once from iTunes. And still it keeps doin it. So we are going to upgrade to the super-hub3 next week and let’s hope that works. Fingers crossed

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