How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently on Smartphone

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Delete Facebook Account Permanently Using Mobile Phone.

If you are trying to delete your Facebook account which may be a fake or test account or even your real Facebook account then it is not that easy to delete facebook account permanently, especially on the Facebook app.

Steps to delete Facebook Account Permanently on Phone

1. First, open Facebook app then navigate to Help and Settings.
2. From there tap on “Help Center”
3. Now go to ” Managing Your Account”
4. Go to Deactivating or Deleting Your Account.
5. Now it will open list of articles from there tap on ” How do I permanently delete my account”

6. You will find a detailed article from there look for “Let Us Know” if it is a link then open it and proceed.

If there is no link on Let Us Know test then go back and tap “How do I deactivate my account”

7. Now scroll down to bottom and you will get “Please contact us” link…

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