How to Change Language Preferences on Redmi Note 3

How to Change Language Preferences on Redmi Note 3.
Redmi Note 3
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39 Replies to “How to Change Language Preferences on Redmi Note 3”

  1. nomer63078

    for example in language and input i set in korean the keyboard is automatically in korean keyboard? if i set in japanese it is automatically in japanese keyboard? if i set in english(u.s.)then can i add other languages in keyboard if wish to add it?

    thank you

  2. muath taya

    thanks for the video… i am trying to change the language to Arabic but i only have 3 options one of them is English and the other 2 i don't know i assume one is Chinese….
    how do i add Arabic ?

  3. Pfirtzer

    ThankYou! You saved me, after trying to get it in Dutch I changed the language by accident into arab, strangely I got it to another more stranger language but I was struggling for over an hour and your vid helped. Thanks!For those do Mark this video if you end up in a language you don't understand .

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