How to bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung devices

How to bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung devices. This process might also work on other deivces that auto launcher the file explorer app when otg is plugged in. click show more for links

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Link to otg drive that i used in the…

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29 Replies to “How to bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung devices”

  1. Dee Bellomo -McEntire

    Sprint had to do a factory reset on my phone because it froze up after their mandatory update. I guess my cloud storage has been full for awhile and I lost 9 months of photos. Can you help me recover the lost photos? I have a Galaxy S9+ Build #is PPR1.180610.011.G965USQU3CSAB Model #SM-G965U

  2. Cendooh.

    Ok so: I know my account, but when I sign in after the factory reset, I still have Oreo last update installed.
    I want to factory reset my S7 because I want to get back as it was when I bought it, with Marshmallow 6.0.1 but after I hard reset and sign in Oreo still there…

  3. Brandon Lock

    Thanks for sharing. Some family members forget to reset a device before passing it dow and then don't want to give out their password because they are using it on their new device. This is a great help for us tech-ish family members who get stuck trying to "fix it for me, please".

  4. Bob Kemper

    My son passed away unexpectedly, and I have his phone and would like to access it for pictures and files but can't unlock or get around the pass ID code because we never knew it. I am afraid to try a factory reset because we don't want to lose
    any pictures. His phone is a Galaxy Note 8, do know if this will work so as to get and in and retrieve data from it?

  5. Driesman Janse van Rensburg

    Can someone PLEASE help me! I have a S7 but with very good software, and this doesn't work, nothing pops up. I've also tried the method where I highlight some word then tap assist but the S7 doesn't have that……
    Please help me @rootjunky
    Or anyone else🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  6. DA ES

    Hi i made a bypass on a Odys Goal 10 plus 3G

    Nothing worked .
    No Hardreset Factory reset in the Recovery Mode .
    So i searched on Youtube and found this website .

    I followed the Steps till the end .
    Did another factory reset from the Setting in the Tablet Meny , and after this i did another Factory Reset in the recovery Mode , wiping all out and formating the cache too.

    As you can see in the video i used an APK by a website called

    Now i want to know if there can be any virus or spy program written into the boot section .
    In the web i cant find informations about Albanian Life Hackers .
    Thats nothing special cause its called Hackers .

    If you can tell me sth about this if you watched the video i would be glad to get some informations .

    As i said the system to bypass the google account protection worked .
    After Factory Reset also all installed APKs should be deleted from the memory , so theres just the chance to write sth into the boot section for hacking after deleting APKs like this .

    So my question : Is this serious and trustfull software tool?

  7. Superflyy EDDIE

    Excellent video you just save my life … I do repair but I never did this … Thanks Thanks .. I am doing a samsung galaxy s9 I did hard reset … I am to order Thu amazon … Thu your link so you can get credit .. They say none is available at the moment but I will be checking …

  8. Thomas Hart

    Should have read the comments before buying the flash drive lol, Samsung has obviously updated the software to block this process. My best friends husband died so she gave me his old phone for a back up and she has no idea what his accounts and passwords were. Did the factory reset and have this same problem. Well at least the phone was free and only a back up in case my iPhone needed repair.

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