GoPro Hero 5 Vs iPhone 7

In this video i show you guys still Images, Video and Time Lapse footage; uneditied/retouched from the GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition and GoPro Hero 5 Session aswell as the Apple iPhone 7.


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34 Replies to “GoPro Hero 5 Vs iPhone 7”

  1. Mark Henry

    Great comparison! I was considering using my iPhone temporarily as an action cam until I see if I can get a YouTube channel going, and then upgrade later. Now I know I will. Thanks!

  2. Clorex Bleach

    If you have an LG G5/G6 with you, then most won't be sad for not having their GoPro with them. The LG G5 and G6 both hade ultra-wide angle lenses. Even the Galaxy S8 camera would be fine as it has a much, much wider lens than the iPhone 7 offers (but a lot less wide than the wide-angle found on the G6).

  3. Daniel Halseth

    iPhone 7 hands down! Every video I've made the the GoPro Hero has not compared, that said it's odd to use an action cam device to compare with a Phone, but maybe the aim was simply 4k in general and the choice was iPhone and GoPro, not sure.

  4. Art

    Nice video, didn't realize how great the iphone 7's photo/video quality is! Even when it comes to image stabilization and noise reduction, the iphone 7 is far superior. I've been looking to get the hero 5 black as an all purpose vacation camera but I think I might wait for the next version or two… How did u manage to get on top of that highway tho? lol

  5. BCP '10

    iPhone & Samsung will ALWAYS beat GoPro or any action cam at still photos and their video is pretty damn great as well. GoPro is a action cam, it win on versatility and that's it.

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