Galaxy S9 vs. iPhone X Low-Light Camera Comparison!

Over the week I borrowed my friend’s iPhone X and was able to do some low-light camera comparisons with photos and videos.  These were all taken in auto mode for both phones and also 4K 30fps auto mode for videos. Which one do you think has a better camera?

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34 Replies to “Galaxy S9 vs. iPhone X Low-Light Camera Comparison!”

  1. jhc6608

    Hi Max
    I am attending a concert and is doing research on what kind of settings for the s9+ in pro mode. I want to be able to take some good photos using the zoom feature as well as some 4K videos but I know it would be tough considering the low light environment. Can you give me some advise? I heard different opinions about turning the auto ficus feature off. Should I do that? And if were to use the pro feature, would it be correct to leave the iso as low as possible while getting enough light to capture stills and videos? Sorry, as you can tell I am really a beginner and no nothing about this at all.

  2. Valentino Rossi 46

    Hey max love ur videos! They’re always really informative

    Max i want you to solve a problem
    I have been a iPhone user since the last 3 years and now I’m wanting to switch over to Android. I want a phone that can last me atleast 2/3 years and does not lag . I just loved the galaxy s9 but then i was quite scared that it may start to lag . The galaxy S9 seems to be the perfect size phone for me as my hands are quite small so plus variants would not be suitable for one hand use
    Should i go for the s9 or wait for a month or two for the Oneplus 6 to arrive
    What do u think ? Should i buy the Galaxy s9 or wait for better phones to come or buy flagship killer phones
    Thanks pls do reply

  3. Vinnie

    pshh being on Verizon with a Samsung, S10 will come out and I still won't have updates. My 4 years old iPhone 5S received 11.3 updates (latest) and my S7 can't even get Nougat.

  4. Jake Neal

    Max I'm trying to unlock the apn settings on my s9+ from lgu+ here in Korea. I have used your rooting guide and achieved root. But I can't seem to find a guide on how to unlock apn settings or add an apn. Would you mind making a quick video on it?

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