Galaxy S9+ vs iPhone X Fast Charging Comparison!

Apple’s iPhone X and Samsung’s S9+ both feature Fast Charging, but which phone charges faster? It was a really close call.. Watch to find out which phone won!

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45 Replies to “Galaxy S9+ vs iPhone X Fast Charging Comparison!”

  1. Gábor Takács

    Buying an Android phone for the price of an "overpriced" iPhone (Galaxy S9+ vs iPhons 8S Plus)… Not too f…g bright… Just spend your money on your favorite phone brand and stop criticizing other people. If you have chosen the best phone, you should be satisfied anyway, otherwise YOU made the wrong decision, not other people.

  2. Jason Griffith

    Apple's 1% drop and Samsung 12% drop after 16hrs…….I love iPhone and what it has to be offered…….Android can't ever catch up with them……its on intelligence to those who will understand my statement……..

  3. Bryguy Bry

    I am sorry I did not mean to be rude and love the test but the charging expirrement seems to show the iPhone 10 charges faster and as a customer I really don’t consider concern myself with the size of battery or if it’s 99 percent or 100 percent ..Your conclusions state the charge is not consistent as it goes to full charge yet it does what I want which is to get more life out of my iPhone X

  4. Jake

    Don’t mean to sound like apple’s defence lawyer, but I think it’s apple’s intention to make it charge slower after 50% to spare the lifespan of the battery. Don’t take my word for it though. Good performance out of both here.

  5. supaahflyy

    Samsung have slowed down their 'fast charging' after the note 7 debacle.
    My S7 edge charges about 87% from 0% in 1 hour. They now get only 71%. Clearly they are playing it safe.

  6. Darryl Bass

    Wow you're either dumb or just dishonest. You said that after a few minutes the S9 plus is "only at 15%" while the iPhone is at 25%

    Well no shit,

    A much smaller battery will fill up faster giving you a percentage for a smaller battery

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