Galaxy S9 Plus Review – The Truth – 2 Weeks Later

Samsung Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+ review after two weeks. Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

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47 Replies to “Galaxy S9 Plus Review – The Truth – 2 Weeks Later”

  1. Mel Moble

    2:33 it does look like you man!! this review totally biased…so what is your standard? alien phone from the year 2560? You should not do review on android devices…PEOPLE LOOK AT HIS LIST OF VIDEOS!!! HIS IS APPLE FANBOY FANATIC….OBVIOUSLY, THIS REVIEW SHOULD NOT GO RIGHT….BUT SO FXXXXX BIASED…….

  2. Seymour Buddz

    I would get this phone, it's literally perfect for me, I love it. I've watched about 20 videos about it (including this one) and its great! There is only one problem with this phone…SLOW updates. Ughhhhh, it sucks or I would really get this phone, but I think I might get the Oneplus 6 instead. Tell me what you think below!

  3. Timothy Coleman

    To everyone out there. It is a great thing that the Samsung galaxy s9 and s9+ is similar to the s8 and s8+. Because it would be pretty stupid or crazy to a huge design change or massive improvements when u got the Samsung galaxy s10 and s10+ and GALAXY X coming out next year. So that's why I think the galaxy s9 and s9+ should be less criticized.

  4. DigitalXesion

    yea this is way to negative its like you purposely wanted to bash this phone I own the s9+ and its amazing the Dolby atmos speaker is one of the best I've heard on a phone ever it can almost pass as a bluetooth speaker on it's own in fact, this speaker in the phone beats a lot of wireless speakers I've heard obviously with money there is way better speakers but the fact that it it's a phone speaker is very impressive.

  5. Ramone Bills

    I am trying to decide whether to upgrade my S5 to an S9… I am currently paying $50/month (CAD) with 500MB of data with Fido… But the promotion for me to upgrade to S9 is $100/mth with 10GB of data(for 2 years)……

    My S5's camera lens broke; so it doesn't take clear images… I only 'need' 500MB for data; but if I had a huge amount of data, i'd probably use it more….

    Is it worth an extra $50/mth for 2 years=$1200 for that upgrade? If I fixed my camera lens on the S5 what would I even be able to sell it for?

    What do you guys think?

  6. Brad Temple

    S9+ is a step backwards…super slow mo is worthless for shooting slow mo video…the hyperlapse still stutters (as it did on the 8/8+) …gone is the speed editing from the gallery editing function…don't waste your money…as a photographer/videographer, i wish gone top googles pixel…or pixel xl…or sony xperia…i wasted the best part of £1000 believing the hype…stick with your 8/8+

  7. taymar28

    Did he even mention the stereo speakers, dual audio Bluetooth settings, stronger build. The lost goes on. This phone is way better than the s8 and imo well worth upgrading. Get a clue dude or stick to reviewing notches

  8. Solar Qg

    Shit review. All u did is shit talk about Samsung, and talk good about apple. You're just a pathetic Apple fanboy. All u said is, "the iphone x did way better." Keep wasting ur money on apple products that dont even have a headphone jack.

  9. rc_k

    After 1 month, is it still speedy? My past experience with Samsung is phones, no matter how fast, eventually slow down / lag. Idk why but it’s a Samsung thing.

  10. Roger Wittekind

    WTF? You mentioned the stereo speakers but not the Dolby.
    I call that a fail.
    BTW if you had mentioned the Dolby ATMOS without a good Demonstration of it that would have been a fail too.
    Reason being the addition of Dolby is the only reason I've been looking into the S9+.

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