Galaxy S9: My Favorite Drop Protection Cases April 2018 (Random Giveaway!)

Tech 21 Evo Luxe-
Samsung Protective Cover-
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Speck Presidio Folio-
UAG Monarch-
UAG Plasma-
UAG Plyo-
Tech 21 EvoMax-

VRS Design High Pro Shield-
Otterbox Symmetry-
Otterbox Commuter-

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34 Replies to “Galaxy S9: My Favorite Drop Protection Cases April 2018 (Random Giveaway!)”

  1. B Sweet

    I subscribed bc out of all the many vids yours was the best: simplicity, voice is clear, not too much info just what's nec and lastly drop protection bc I'm a dropped lol. So, thanks!

  2. A. Samim

    I'm going to buy myself a galaxy s9 plus (256go) in July and I think i will buy the otterbox commuter because it's exactly what i was looking for. Thanks, great video

  3. Nyrikah

    I'm currently using the Speck Presidio Grip. I like it a lot. 10ft drop tested. And it has a raised bezel at the top and bottom. Doesn't feel bulky at all. Also I like that they separate the volume button so you could easily know which is up/down. Nice addition.

  4. daja283

    I just got my S9 this week and found your channel to help me get the most out of my new phone (I've learned a lot!) I was looking at a Spigen Thin Fit case with grip coating, but I'm concerned about that curved edge after watching this video. I really like the Tech21 EvoMax 😉 Thanks for all the great info! Your videos are very thorough, but also interesting and to-the-point.

  5. Heather Marks

    Hey Jeff!! If I decide to get the Tech21 case, I would like just a simple screen protector. Not necessarily tempered glass or curved. Just something to protect it since I put it in my pocket all the time. Which one do you recommend. I don't wanna drop too much a screen protector. Thanks so much!! Also do you think that the Otterbox symmetry or Tech21 one better?

  6. Derry Ahmad

    I've always used UAG Monarch for my phones.Love that case. But since Samsung released its Protective case and use it, I fell in love with it. It looks premium, has a kick stand and protect your phone (military standard). Plus, it's not as expensive as the UAG Monarch.

    Great video!

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