Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S7 Edge

Does Samsung’s flagship S7 device from last year have what it takes to stand up to this year’s golden boy the S8? Is getting an S8 worth it when the S7 Edge can be purchased used from sites like Swappa for much cheaper? Tune in to see a comparison of the two and if you’re on the fence about both, hopefully this will help you decide.

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22 Replies to “Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S7 Edge”

  1. K

    I thought that the S8+ was an unnecessary upgrade since the S7 Edge I had was an amazing phone. But this video ( sold me on the S8+ improvements and after using the S8+, it's well worth the upgrade if you have the extra money (I bought my S8+ preowned for $500 and enrolled in Samsung Premium Care).

  2. Rich 33

    The differences in the photos of your video game controllers (starting at 8:57) could also be caused by the auto modes of each camera selecting a different aperature. To verify this, you could compare the exif settings of both photos. If the aperature settings are the same, to my eyes, the photo on the right (S8) looks like it has better aperature control in that your main focus area is equally sharp on both photos, but as you move away from the main focal point, the photo on the right displays a better bokeh (background blurring). Then again, I could be completely wrong.

  3. Manuel Antonio

    I am a video editor Hummel37.The diference between s7 edge camera and s8 camera its the s7 edge have more contrast than s8 and because the s7 edge camera have more contrast,the colors are more vivid and have more black,but s8 camera its better because have few contrast and so true colors and in low light situations we can watch more details and few noise than in s7 edge but the diference between the 2 cameras its small..

  4. Hadley C.

    My friend has the silver s7 edge, upgraded from the s6 active and I have the silver s8, upgraded from the iPhone 6 Plus. We both love our phones. She doesn't see any reason to upgrade until the s9 is out.

  5. Matthew Tracey

    literally having this dilemma lol
    i have s7 edge (back is cracked but its in cover, so doesnt bother me)
    got offered an s8+ by my carrier for LESS than i am paying at the moment.
    but, i do have to pay £200 to "upgrade" to a better plan (20gb data instead of 5gb – £5 less a month too)

    it seems that almost everyone says there is no point in changing s7 edge for s8+.
    is it literally a case of bigger memory and longer screen?
    pity they didnt improve on the already great camera.


    Had my eye on the S8 but couldn't pass up the deal I got on the S7 Edge. I'm happy with it so far. Previous phone was a Note 4. Nice video that helps me feel comfortable going with the S7 Edge.

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