Galaxy S8/S8+ – Which Is The Best Screen Protector [Tempered and Liquid Glass]

Which of these 7 Screen Protectors is the Best! Tested 5 Tempered Glass and 2 Liquid Glass.

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34 Replies to “Galaxy S8/S8+ – Which Is The Best Screen Protector [Tempered and Liquid Glass]”

  1. Metalmachine467

    I would say liquid glass not because its unbrakeable at some point all screen protectors will give and the screen will crack but liquid glass has a 300.00 warranty if you break the screen they will pay for a new one and the authorized Samsung repair shop ubrakeifix puts on a new screen and digitizer with a new battery for 239.99 cant beat it

  2. codemiesterbeats

    I think the factory glass is gorilla glass… that stuff is pretty legit on its own.. Im not sure what the liquid technologies are trying to accomplish (I am thinking it is basically like a fine polish that fills in all the tiny gaps so that everything skates across the glass instead of digging into the mircro chasms)
    I wished that there was a control test on an untreated screen to compare the liquid to.

  3. Corleone Don

    And at the end you wana tell me that liquid will save my screen if my phone drop from the table for exmp. if that work its 100000% bether to have that becouse case, no sensitvity problem and also will save your phone from drops from some normal usage.?? i will buy s9+ and wana have best protection for screen my phone will drop me my hands not save 🙂

  4. Queen Me

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for the love of sweet baby jesus do not get ZAGG
    INVISASHEILD. It is total crap and breaks easily. If you do have it or get it make sure to register it right away. I have to order a 2nd replacement since February just from tossing my keys in my purse onto of my phone. Besides that it is smooth and doesn't scratch easily.

  5. Marek Wojtaszek

    Nice one, except for the scratch tests. Metal (change, knife, screw driver etc) is usually softer than glass, so this part of the test is kind of useless.
    You should have tried with sand (which can be often times found in our pockets). Quartz that sand consists of can effectively scratch the glass's surface. I wonder if the liquid glass can protect a screen from sand grains.

  6. Yasser Mohdir

    oh man you are the best I searched all the website for the best screen protector for my Note 8 and I didn't find the best one that you found it for me thank you thank you thank you a lot . The liquid screen protector is mor powerful when the tempered glass.
    By the way I am from Saudi Arabia

  7. Perla Esquivel

    I tried the invisible shield plastic screen protector and it’s not case friendly and it sucks. Most of these glass screen protectors reduce the touch sensitivity dramatically or will pop off. I don’t know if it’s jus the phone itself

  8. Nemo D123

    all protectors probably was made by same producer somewhere in china and then distributed to different brands including no brand chinese cheap knock offs. You technically have tested same protector all over again.

  9. Samuele Cappello

    the problem is, after 6 months, will not be the same…if the life is just 1 year I will not fully protect as the beginning …so I dont really know if I should trust it or try to find a good tempered glass…

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