Galaxy S7 edge (S9 ROM) vs. Galaxy S9+ Surprising Results!

Today we are ging to compare the S7edge with the S9 SAC23 ROm against the normal S9+

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39 Replies to “Galaxy S7 edge (S9 ROM) vs. Galaxy S9+ Surprising Results!”

  1. bgSmurf4e

    First off internet/browsing with single network is impossible because both of phones are competeting which one should sent and receive packets. Second off as much as I know some ROM's actually overclock your CPU bit a little bit.

  2. ultra Vegito

    Man the performance and speed of this Rom is totally amazing.
    But can someone tell me about the
    2)face unlock/iris scanner
    3)ram managment
    5)other disadvantages of this rom(if any)
    Plz reply soon

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