Galaxy Note8 with Android Pie Beta — Highlights

**Prepare for some Deja Vu action at around 6:56 and 7:08. Sorry about that**

The Note8 with Android 9.0 and Samsung’s new user interface, Samsung One UI. Both came together in the Beta download. Here are a few of the highlights that I noticed. Certainly not a comprehensive list.

**As of 1/10/19, the Beta version (N950USQU5DRL5) is only available for Snapdragon models. This is a Closed Beta leak that I forced onto my phone. I have not seen a Beta version leak for the Exynos models….

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33 Replies to “Galaxy Note8 with Android Pie Beta — Highlights”

  1. Ralph Miller III

    Looking forward to Android Pie, but I hope Samsung doesn't repeat the same stupid pattern of releasing Android 9.0 for the S8/S8+/Note8 and 9.1 for the S9/S9+/Note9. Make it the same across the board. Also, I see those navigation lines interfering with Samsung Pay card swipe up.

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