Galaxy Note 8 Durability Test!! – Scratch Burn BEND TEST!!

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Its time to test the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. After many generations either getting skipped or recalled, We might FINALLY have a Note phone that will stick around for awhile. The Samsung Note 8 is the latest and greatest phone to hit the market in 2017, BUT is it worth the price point? Will the Note 8 last longer than the Note 7? or at least last long enough for it to be worth the cost?

Well.. You can either…

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41 Replies to “Galaxy Note 8 Durability Test!! – Scratch Burn BEND TEST!!”

  1. Mathias

    The headphones that come with the newer Samsung devices are by far the best included headphones I ever used. I actually do use them regularly!
    My Sennheiser PXC 550s are far better, sure. But I don't want to use those all the time! And it's always great to have a pair of wired headphones for emergencies with you. Especially if yu don't need an extra dongle to use them…

  2. HaNooo

    Handling it like a baby since new…Why are both my Note 9s chipping and scratching easily. I've had a galaxy phone since the S3 and Note 4 and this thing chips and scratches much more. Infact, I've never broken or chipped the glass on any of them or any phone I've ever had, yet this thing has 3 scratches on one on separate days and the other 2 on separate days. It's been layed on a desk, tissue snd my pocket for a month. Nothing close to the scratching or chipping. Must be a manufacturing problem. They don't like that. Besides Bixby…..I enjoy these heavy bricks. Scratching could beca recall. Ever heard of that on a Note model? 😉

  3. ammar alommare

    مرحبا يا عزيزي انا من احدا محبينك ومتابعينك علااليوتيوب وارجوك ان تعطيني هذا الهاتف لست املك سوا هاتف قديم جدا ارجو الرد منك 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Ryan Pilawa

    So far so good after one month of ownership. I have no screen protector just a case. I do have Three very small deep scratches but they're on the edges. The rest are micro scratches. You can only see them in direct sunlight. I only worry about deep scratches. The ones you can feel with your nail and the screen cracking from a drop.

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