Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy Note 8 Should You Upgrade?

The Galaxy Note 5 Vs Galaxy Note 8 Is Time To Upgrade To The New Beast The Galaxy Note 8 Best SmartPhone On The Market.

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50 Replies to “Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy Note 8 Should You Upgrade?”

  1. Alokin Alset

    Shut the huck up man! you are talking too much shit about samsung…..this mother fucking company lied to millions of user of note 4. These fucking company had battery issues with their product. This fucking shit was so fucking serious that international aviation department had to make fucking serious announcement to remove the battery from note fuck, whatever it was, and you were not allowed to fly in the aeroplane, even with the battery removed. The had mother fucking recall and had to hold production. Fucked up Samsung, then note 4 started acting up, and we found out that this company cannot take another loss; so they kep silent on note 4 failures. All note 4 users will have this probelm sooner or later. FUCK YOU SAMSUNG. HUCK YOU MAN!

  2. Alokin Alset

    I have my Samsung Note 4 in the urinal and I urinate on it every day. There is a matt and right on top if it is galaxy note 4. This phone is a ripp off. Samsung put a mm_c micro chip that take only 200 refreshing cycle and then dies. At this point you will experience reboot, the green Mf android icon and the phone keeps reooting, and locking with the messae "update, download, do not turn off" Samsung did not tell about this fucking problem. So I bought Iphone 6s Plus. I hate iphone but after having the episode with samsung I started using iphone, and I love it. This mother fucking samsung note 4 galaxy is in my urinal and I pee on it every day and feel great. I will never biuy mother fucking samsung product.

  3. Mike Hog A Nator

    For $200 I’m a grab a Note 5 for outdoor use. I’ll use my 256g IPhone 8+ inside or whatever. Also the Bluetooth 5.0 has nothing to do with connecting 2 devices. Samsung has installed a chip that allows 2 devices to connect at once. I have 5.0 on my IPhone 8+ range is not much better & I can only connect to 1 device. Not sure who started this 5.0 2 device rumor but it’s just a rumor. Nice review though. I do love the Screens on both.

  4. Random PUB Night BOT

    Listen to this guy trying to talk a good game saying that the battery life is a beast. Although I do like Samsung devices and I own quite a few of them I speak from experience when I tell you all Samsung devices have extremely lousy and nothing short of pathetic piss poor pathetic drains quick as hell battery life. I have a Samsung Gear S2 3-g smartwatch lousy battery life. I have a Samsung Gear S2 classic rose Gold version lousy battery life. I have a Samsung Gear Fit 2 lousy battery life. So please tell me again that Samsung has such decent battery life and I'll let you know how much you suck dick.

  5. JeansZ

    If ya want to keep the home button, upgrade to Note FE. It has USB-C, IP68 water resistant, Bluetooth 5.0, always on display, dual pixel technology dual edge screen, and expandable storage like Note 8. But has 16:9 screen ratio and home button like Note 5.

  6. moe green

    Definitely incorrect on Gorilla Glass 5 if you're referring to jerry-rig everything Channel where he did a scratch test and it scratched at a level 5 go back and watch the reason it was because he had cross-contamination on his pics from sharpening them and actually scratches were every other Gorilla Glass scratches at a seven or an eight lightly at of six

  7. Anthony Hartage

    I started off with galaxy 4g upgraded to galaxy s3 then then i fell inlove with the note 3 had to get it from then on i stayed with the note game had grab the note 4 when it dropped grab the note 5 didnt get the 7 cause i wasnt trynna die but now i got the note 8 and i can say i am a loyal samsung customer

  8. BeyondChange

    I've had my Note 5 for 2 years and it still looks Brant New. Paying extra for that cover for your phone makes all the difference. Phone is excellent and will not be changing it unless i have to.

  9. chancho00

    How people stand those curved screens that serve no real use other than aesthetic, even distort the image. after CRT TV's people wanted flat screens because curved screens were ugly now suddenly they are cool. the fuck samsung, i have the note 5 and i wanted another note upgrade but they fucked up for me.

  10. Argon Dargon

    of course its not. note 4 still fn blasts every game out there and every app. no point to upgrade. f that. lol. even redmi note 4. Four times cheaper phone owns anything that you throw at it. Has 4000m battery, lasts 2 days. owns Galaxy. Phones are so over rated. wth is wrong with you guys? Like seriously? More processing power on such a tiny device? Like I said Note 4 still snappy as hell. Galaxy note 8 my a**. You talking about feel on the phone? Come on, like are you gonna make love to it? You humans have become robots and so picky and so spoiled.

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