Fast Charge vs Fast Wireless Charging TEST! | Galaxy S8

Comparing the Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S8 both at 0% to see which is faster charging, Wall Fast Charging VS Wireless Fast Charging.

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35 Replies to “Fast Charge vs Fast Wireless Charging TEST! | Galaxy S8”

  1. Joe

    Great Advice Bro, I was going to purchase the 2018 wireless fast charger this month, but like you mentioned it's just more convenient & less stressing the plugin port. Thanks for the video.

  2. Zdenek Zimmermann

    Smart charger (3rd generation of fast charging) has output of 2Amps and can go over 2.3Amps.

    Even the best wireless charger has only 1Amp so the charging takes +-40% more time so there is nothing to compare.

    But there is a thing, smart charger charges fast only when screen is off and device isn't overheated. With wire users use their devices while charging and gets only 1Amp charging to protect battery.

  3. Norm

    Wow, just wow. The fan is SUPPOSED TO RUN WITH FAST CHARGING to keep temps in check. Do you really think they didnt account for the power draw of the fan and just let it pull from the charging source?

  4. Ronald Ratuwongo

    Hi Jimmy, good video on the Samsung convertible wireless charger! I would like to asked how long it takes to fully charge s8 from 0 to 100 using the wireless charger? You mentioned using the plug is 90 minutes. Thanks!

  5. Floating Brik Animations

    If you have a phone that can charge with a regular charger, I'd use the regular one. My phone's place where you're supposed to plug in the charger is broken. So I have to use a wireless charger. And it just slowly cooks my battery, or either doesn't charge at all. Trust me, you don't want this piece of crap.

  6. Vapers Win

    I have the old one that just stands up and it's a pos. Only good thing is u don't have to plug in. Takes 10 minutes per percent of charge. I took a shower and got dressed and only gained 2%! Feel like they ripped me off cause it says it's a fast charger. Totally disappointed.

  7. Wakky Wabbit

    The maximal output of the Samsung inductive charger is 9 watts. The maximal output of the Samsung charging adapter is 15 watts ( 9 x 1.67). Even though you are using the same 15 watt adapter to supply power to inductive charger, the inductive charger's power regulation will restrict the output to 9 watts or less. Something supplying power at 15 watts will charge 60% faster than a device supplying 9 watts.

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