FAKE vs. REAL iPhone Xr Performance Comparison (BEWARE of CLONES)

What are the performance differences between a fake iPhone Xr and an Apple iPhone Xr?
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One random winner who is a subscriber and has made ONE comment on this video will be randomly selected to win. The winner will be announced on my Twitter account. This GIVEAWAY is International!!

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46 Replies to “FAKE vs. REAL iPhone Xr Performance Comparison (BEWARE of CLONES)”

  1. Techvarium

    Thank you all for participating in this Fake iPhone Xr GIVEAWAY!! Great comments and ideas everyone! 🙂 But at the end I had to choose just one winner – Kalan Mclaughlin.
    I have plans for an another giveaway (fake Xs Max) next week, so please stay tuned! 🙂

  2. Marky jo

    I really want this phone!! If I got it I would probably flash a custom Rom and use it as an android with and iOS design. I would also review it on my channel and maybe prank my friends and family

  3. jeremy aclao

    I had a fake samsung phone before but never had iphone one like thats interesting hmmm. I shoukd try thatttt onnneeeee!❤ see how it works😊😊😊😊 See how mobile legends works with dis but cant see if i wont win hahahahhahahahahah so yeah GO FIGHT AJAAAAA!. I would like to turn this phone to somehow like original hahahah

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