Edge Notifications | Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

Great way to receive your notifications in a fun and battery efficient way. Enjoy!

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33 Replies to “Edge Notifications | Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+”

  1. srg914

    Just got an s8+. How does enabling screen edge affect battery performance? It looks cool and adds some convenience but I'm more concerned about not draining the battery prematurely.

  2. DrWarcloud36

    hi, I am hoping one of you guys can help me out. I just got my 8plus yesterday and I can not seem to get the edge notification to light up or anything. I thought I had it set up properly but I just cant get it to work. any help would be greatly appreciated, going crazy over here. thank you, in advance.

  3. Corwin Parks

    Maybe this is just me but this feature is not on the VZW version of the S8+. It happened once when I first set up the phone, then disappeared altogether.

    I've even tried factory reseting it.

  4. Kelnaruto Uzumaki

    i like your idea of telling us how the edge notification works coz it differs from other youtubers..but you could have showed us in real time scenario.. and not just telling us this and that. nice direct video anyway.

  5. food smart

    I'm coming from the s6 to the s8+. from all the customizations you can do on the S8 from simple s6 it's gonna be a steep learning curve for me. I'm still looking forward to it

  6. Tony Valentii

    Dude, change your intro lol. It's way too early 2000's. Even just flashing your name in black and white with foom foom as the words come in. Would be so much more professional. It's hard to take a channel seriously with an intro that looks like it was from the first ever editing software. Just some friendly criticism. Otherwise thanks for the great videos.

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