Customize Quick Settings for Samsung Galaxy Phones feat. Galaxy S9

This video shows how you can quickly customize the quick panel settings in the notification tray of your Samsung Galaxy phone.
Even though I am specifically using a Samsung in this video these principles apply to many other Android phones.

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36 Replies to “Customize Quick Settings for Samsung Galaxy Phones feat. Galaxy S9”

  1. Marcela Lopez Salvadoreñisima

    Hello, i really hope you can help me with my issue.. so i have a samsung s9 and i downloaded some music i want to use as my ringtone BUT i found out that there are some messages audios that i sent a long time ago and the appear on my ringtones sounds! And i dont want anybody to hear them specially my husband, but i cant delete them it does not give me the option 😞 do you know how can i delete them pleaseeee!!! And thank you in advanced!

  2. Jon Stotts

    bought two Note 9 – identical – except the fixed 'taskbar' at the bottom. One ,does Not have the Apps icon showing and the taskbar can be interchanged with other app icons. – The Other unit, has a semi-'locked' taskbar, has the App icon cannot be moved at all – always stays in the lower right corner. Can the Taskbar be fully unlocked?

  3. CRistiano Siete

    Hello, is there a way to add the media or other volume controls to this panel as it displays for the brightness control? I switched from an LG stylo to the the Note 9 and I had that option in my old phone to increase the volume settings from left to right. It displayed ringtone, notifications, media, and touch volume control. Thanks.

  4. carmelcornr

    I've had problems with my speakerphone when talking to people on landlines…volume is nearly zero even though I have it turned up to max. Will enabling Dolby Atmos to Auto fix this, or should I select Voice? Btw, thank you so much for your videos…I'm not a spring chicken anymore, but I've learned so much from you!

  5. Tash Taylor

    This is brilliant. I love your videos for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and I haven’t even got it yet. I’m loving the phone already especially the power saving mode as I’m constantly on the go. Finally. I don’t have to worry about ordering another portable charger 😂🙈 I’m now counting down the days until I get my Samsung S9 Plus in Lilac. So incredibly excited!!!! 😃😜📱💜

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