Crazy Tricks & Glitches in iOS 11

Crazy Tricks & Glitches in iOS 11

Animation Glitch:

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28 Replies to “Crazy Tricks & Glitches in iOS 11”

  1. Robin Flipper

    Has anyone had problems where say for example you set an alarm for the next morning and you turn your iPhone off on the alarm screen but wake up turn your iPhone on and it opens to the settings app? or any other app?

  2. Fynn_Daubner

    The Flash isnt working when it is to cold outside or when you have the alarm 24/7 on. ( idk cause i didnt figure out yet how to fix that problem.. My friend has the same problem aswell

  3. Mr. Comment Boi

    Lol I discovered a new glitch. Your bottom bar is displaced and when u restart it the bottom bar is normal, but the apps, all of em are close to each other. The only way to fix is RESET YOUR DAM SETTINGS!

  4. Ben N Japan

    Why didn’t they mention the big bug with all iOS 11 updates the notifications and clock don’t show on the lock screen and you need to reboot to see them again. But the problem reappears. I’ve talked with Apple for months and they said it’s not widespread enough to fix it. I’m so frustrated

  5. Prasad Kamat

    Hey dude.. I encountered a couple REALLY annoying glitches in iOS 11 that I can't seem to find anywhere online.. Would you be willing to put out a video to document and get viewership on them please??

  6. Rubena Bryant

    I’ve noticed since iOS 11 went public A few days ago, the dark mode does invert all contrast to dark but it also converts are videos play as a negatives. I don’t know if its supposed to do that or if that is also a glitch

  7. Brian salguero

    If you have iOS 9 you can do this glitch and to do this glitch you need to activate passcode. So, first you turn on your device. Then you put your passcode BUT AS SOON AS YOU PUT YOUR PASSCODE SWIPE TO THE RIGHT AS FAST AS YOU CAN then when it is unlocked you can see the glitch way at the top that all the letters turn white.

  8. OB the talkative Man

    Turning off wi-fi and Bluetooth in the control center. The wi-fi. Your wi-fi gets disconnected in the control center and in the settings you’ll see not connected. Bluetooth same thing. You’ll see not connectable. I don’t know if anyone as to wait a few seconds to get to the notification settings but I do. Pushing the lock button fast slide to power off medical id and emergency sos. You can’t do this by pushing the lock button down for 4 seconds doesn’t work

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