“Cheyenne” in coal country is analyzing climate change

“Cheyenne” in coal country is analyzing climate change

About 40% 0f American coal is produced in the state of Wyoming. In the fight against climate change, a new supercomputer named Cheyenne has just come online. Cheyenne costs around $30 million and is the 20th fastest computer in the world. Cheyenne is currently working on a project that will help it predict weather patterns “months to years in advance”. As reported by the Associated Press.

It will run better weather prediction models with Cheyenne. The supercomputer will eventually be able to better predict climate change as well. A specialist with the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Rich Loft said, “We believe that doing better predictions of those things have a political benefits”. He also added, “saving lives and saving money, and improving outcomes for businesses and farmers.”

The town of Cheyenne, Wyoming

According to the Associated Press Cheyenne is located in the Wyoming town of the same name. This supercomputer already has the support from climate change skeptics and some coal industry insiders. This is despite the fact that a downturn in the coal industry has hurt state budgets.

Governor Matt Mead supports the Cheyenne project for jumpstarting the state’s tech industry but he’s also suing to block carbon emission regulations put in place during the Obama administration. Despite the

Despite the current political situation the NCAR plane to keep pushing its current project in fear that project like Cheyenne won’t be possible in the near future. Under President Trump National Science Foundation is in danger of losing funding, This organization provides the cost for most of the supercomputers in the USA.

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