Canon 80D DSLR vs iPhone 7 plus for VIDEO tests – Do you still need a DSLR?

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45 Replies to “Canon 80D DSLR vs iPhone 7 plus for VIDEO tests – Do you still need a DSLR?”


    Well we have to admit smarthphones are getting better look at the iPhone X de video en photo quality of this phone is amazing also don’t forget the S9 which does have a shutter! Also DSLR or SLR camera’s like Sony A7 or panasonic G series will always be better. If you have the money for good camera’s why would you struggle with a phone🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. KutWrite

    Nicely done, fun video.

    I agree. My Galaxy S8+ does really well with stills & video. It crops some in video mode, or maybe that's just the viewfinder? This is at 1080p, not 4k, so I think it's just the finder.

    I am curious about the 80D, as I just got an EOS-M6 & want to see if I'd do better with the 80D. So far, they look about the same, but the M6 is almost too small. I got a cage for it.

    Your stunt man friend is doing well. It's not easy breaking into that and getting steady gigs.

  3. Jacob Roberts

    This is a good evaluation of both cameras . I just wish you covered build quality and ruggedness. A camera is a big investment, and I want to be sure it will handle the stress of traveling.

  4. Lauri K

    Cool comparison. I'm trying to find the best scenarios to film with just my phone and this was nice and simple overview of different situations, thanks! By the way what is that wireless LAV microphone that you're using? I currently have only wired but wireless would be nice in some situations if it's not too expensive.

  5. Aly Woods

    The thing with this comparison is that you can easily fix contrast, focus and basically every image setting on the 80D to look exactly like the iPhone image if that’s what you wanted to do. iPhones aren’t specific to photography ( obviously ) so what you can do with an iPhone is limited. But non the less both are great depending on the users needs.

  6. look4milan

    Well, this is nice comparison. And for the most of the people Iphone is clearly better choice, if you shoot travel videos, mostly daily etc. Iphone is smaller, you always have it in your pocket and you don't have to bother with large bag for dslr, lenses, etc. Also keeping you eye on DSLR all the time is also an issue. If you buy Osmo Mobile as well with iphone you have whole studio… One thing , you used Techincolor profile and added LUT on DSLR, you should have used FilmicPro and do same thing with iphone, I believe that it would be even better.

  7. Ferth paul

    for me i like both the canon 80D and iphone ,,on canon 80d dont care about its color of the footage or the exposure of it but at lest you can edit it change the color as what you like..unlike the iphones or smartphones are automatically change the exposure and some of those are color graded already , not like DSLRs you can edit it on your own ways..

  8. Jingjing Du

    it's helpful, thank you. Canon is already too heavy to me, I almost give it up, but at night iPhone just kidding me. By the way, how to improve image stabilization with canon?

  9. ray t

    with DSLR   can use many lenses, and apertures + iso, etc ….  smartphone is limited,   is never better as  DSLR  !Can make  movie better as  videocamera cost  around  minimum  $8000 +   ?  NO !

  10. Chris Klugh

    Another factor to consider: Heat
    The Iphone 7 I'm sure the longer it shoots, the worse the image quality will be to the point of the phone itself shutting down to save itself. The DSLR on the other hand, not immune to heat, but can shoot under its own heat rather well as its been engineered for that steady use.

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