BlackBerry Priv won’t turn on after Upgrade/ Blue LED light blinking for hours, what can I do?

Last night, an upgrade notification appeared. I accepted the reboot after it installed but the phone completely shut down and won’t turn on anymore leaving a Blue LED light blinking for about 10hours now. I’ve tried to hold the power key for several minutes without any changes. I also tried to plug it to my computer still nothing. Please help.

Priv Model :

Priv by blackberry STV100-4 Black
Regional middle east Arabic
5.1.1 AAD027
Model RHM181LW

Kind Regards,

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23 Replies to “BlackBerry Priv won’t turn on after Upgrade/ Blue LED light blinking for hours, what can I do?”

  1. al ayyubi

    I think my BB Priv will be a junk…

    But,……After I'm Following the instruction step by step…
    1. Press and hold the Power key for 3 seconds
    2. Press and hold the Power key for 12 seconds
    3. the final reset method is to press and hold the Power key for 32 seconds

    Finally… the problem is solved !!!

  2. said wali khan

    Brother my issue has been resolved if any one want then kindly contact with technical expert he just know the whole things i have send to dubai and thailand but not resolved if any one having this like my same issues i have fixed the issue just contact him i also sent mobile and received back now its 100% OK . he is just expert of Blackberry he is the king of technician .

    Email. just contact him and send just 30 dollor will charge from you thanks..

  3. Aisha A

    Problem Solved (for me) — It was a hardware issue.

    I had the same issue. My phone was caught in the same endless loop as recorded in this post. I tried every reset option available in Crackberry forums. The loop did not allow me to access the phone's files through USB. Out of frustration I took the phone apart.

    With the back cover off, I cleaned the dust from around the Power, Volume, and Mute buttons…that's it. The debris around the buttons caused them to stick.

    This solved my problem.

    Be very careful when removing the cover! There are several videos that demonstrate how.

    Please let me know if this works for you.

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