Best Case For The Samsung S8 And S8+ | Gear4 S8 Case

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It’s no question that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is hands down my favorite phone right now, and probably the best looking device on the market. The issue is it’s almost a shame to…

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42 Replies to “Best Case For The Samsung S8 And S8+ | Gear4 S8 Case”

  1. Rig Maee

    Does anyone have the hd dry screen protector by zagg?
    How good is it on your phone? , when you dropped it did the screen crack still ? Or no?
    Is this screen protector for a good one? Or is a glass screen protector better?

  2. THUG 4 LYF

    thank you so much i was wanting a clear back case for my samsung s8+ so i can show off the back, even though I'm going to get a carbon fibre skin for it like you lol. on top you have even shown what the features of it are as in the D30 i thought it was a normal case but i never knew about that thank you

  3. Kevin Sanders

    Hey Qwazy. Thanks for the advice on the Piccadilly shell. I love it. I would also like to inform you that Slickwraps the manufacturer of that cool skin on your phone scammed me out of my money and apparently has done it to many others according to the BBB reviews. They have a D rating due to this scam. Please don't recommend them anymore.

  4. TW TW


  5. Kevin Sanders

    I ordered the case, can I use a screen protector with a skin such as yours while using this case? If so, which screen protector? I see that you recommended Whitestone Dome without the use of a skin.

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