Asus ROG Phone Hands-On Review – INSANE Gaming Phone! | The Tech Chap

The new ROG Phone is every gamers dream phone – with an overclocked Snapdragon 845, 6″ AMOLED 90hz screen, and a rate of accessories including a Nintendo DS-style dock. This thing is awesome! Here’s my hands-on review.

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44 Replies to “Asus ROG Phone Hands-On Review – INSANE Gaming Phone! | The Tech Chap”

  1. Gamer007

    These devices getting a bit expensive… 40 of these phones is equal to a nicely equipped new truck… 100 of these can buy a decent house. they sell just 1000 phones that is about a million dollars.

  2. Flash Gordon

    I hate to say this but i own asus products router gt5300 $600 and some other things let me tell you customer service sucks and repairs was literally a pain to deal with. I had never been so glad to spend $2k on an alienware r4 15 laptop in my damn life!! Alienware usa customer service support is off the chain no joke! Send a tech to your residents, phone in with people you can understand etc, Asus is bull shit! Thats the only thing that deters me from selling my iphone x and buying this phone. Guys/gals if you ever experience asus shit customer service i pray that they service you quickly. Dope phone but customer service, repairs is what seriously deters me. If asus gets that sorted then im on board!! I pay cash for all my stuff i don’t believe in financing so ill be damned to get screw on a phone that i spent a gaming laptop price on.

  3. The Goddess of the Cosmos

    Being a Game Developer at heart I am happy to see a gaming style phone trend. Hopefully it booms at affordable costs so we can start seeing better phones especailly for gaming. Phones should be like a Swiss Army knife that can both utilize and multitask software.

    Let the juggling begin!

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