Apple Sheep reviews Galaxy S9+

The latest Android phone is here and boy did I have a lot to say about it…

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32 Replies to “Apple Sheep reviews Galaxy S9+”

  1. Nick Keen

    I use an iPhone as my main smartphone, but I bought a note 9 for work, because it's the perfect size for sketching and drawing, powerful enough to handle high resolution image processing and it could work as a laptop (when Samsung FINALLY understands that DeX would only make sense if it was a laptop shell, so you could actually leave your tower PC at home and use DeX on the go).
    But when I unboxed it, I was bombarded with popups. It was a nightmare, I had to just leave the note 9 on my coffee table so I could deal with it later, when I had an hour or two to spare. I understand that they have to ship it with both Samsung and Google apps installed, but it did make the experience feel a lot less premium because of this compromise.
    That being said, after ten hours of tweaking with my note device, I got it to work like a device of its price range should. I removed the Google apps and left only Samsung's apps, probably because I am extremely biased towards Apple and Samsung. So far, no bullshit. Runs almost as smooth as iOS, even though not quite as intuitive at times.

  2. avery domingue

    its obvious that you like being controlled by apple. the reason that android asks so many questions is because it provides freedom and customization, something apple is effectively trying to kill. You only have to go through all those questions on android when setting up an app or service. you truly are an apple fanboy. I had to add this after watching more of your video….My "useless" note8 will rape ANY icrap you put in front of it….period, in terms of processing power and multi-tasking. Apple has stolen virtually every piece of tech from samsung and others, then released it years after it was new and claimed its "the new thing"

  3. Chris Edwards

    i love watching apple users reviewing androids they point out things android users are used to and don't pay attention to. Android also let you turn on notifations you want and turn off the rest

  4. SubliemeSiem

    This guy is an idiot. Learn how to use an OS before you criticise it. I have never had problems with face unlock and notifications can be tailored to your preference. Notifications CAN be on a per app basis. Android is all about customisation. And why do you show permission screens when rambling about app choices?? Permissions are a good thing, and every setting only needs to be set once. Oh, and having a headphone jack is also a good thing, not bad. At least Samsung listens to it's users. This has to be the most obnoxious, dishonest review I've seen in a long time.

  5. Hui Hady

    the hardware of samsung mobs are way advanced than apple that is a fact ( apple uses same camera for almost 5 years and now they said oh let's make 2x so it looks advanced ).

  6. Roman2K

    Much prefer the fingerprint sensor position of the Note 8. My finger lands on it naturally every time (palm facing the back) as opposed to centered sensors having me flex my finger to reach it. Easy to locate with the left hand as well (reaching from the left side).

  7. StopCoercingMeIntoUsingGoogle+andMyRealName

    So I-sheep keeps comlaining because he used Icrap devices all his life thus getting used to use the pho e wrongly snd awkwardly. Now he complains about having "too many options' he is a tool that's 100% the question is was he dumb and chose icrap or he chose icrap and over the years it made him dumb? Which do you guys think it is?

  8. Mohit Parekh

    Your attitude man is worst I think you aren't getting more money from apple. If u don't want to review a phone by heart without your false sarcastic comments then don't do it. No one wants to see your fucking face

  9. Supreme_Court

    20:49 I paused the video and told Bixby to turn the flashlight on and then off. Worked fine. Did some math, worked fine. Then I said "Bixby, dislike this video," and guess what? I didn't even know it could do that.

  10. Supreme_Court

    My phone is unlocked by the time I'm looking at it (if I want it to be). Finger print readers are great. If I want to wake it up without picking it up, I just wave over the proximity sensor. Doesn't even the iPhone have that?

    It's impressive how almost everything you said in this video was uninformed or possibly straight-up dishonest.

  11. Kristijan Jurisic

    I enjoyed this phone alot . But this phone is the only expensive nice phone I ever owned so . I don't know the much about other high end phones I never used I phone . But I'm sure I phone is good phone

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