Apple iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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46 Replies to “Apple iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9”

  1. noe rodriguez

    When I upgraded from my iPhone x I thought long and hard if I should get the XS Max or the Note 9. I went with the Note 9 just because I haven't used an Android in a while and I wasn't disappointed. I forgot how much you can do on a Android phone.


    I’ve had my iPhone 6 since it came out, that dumb Choice to remove the headphone Jack since the 7 kept me from “upgrading” as well as The Trash Notch & only FaceID Are the main reasons I plan to upgrade to The Note 9 Fuck Apple.

  3. Tai Lung Hsiang

    Have both phones for some time, I must say Note 9 wins with large margin. Max has powerful chip but a boring phone with much lesser features+lesser customization functions. I love to spent more time with Note 9 than the boring Apple phone…

  4. Cam

    I have the XS and less than month I’m upgrading to the Note 9 because it’s cheaper and does a lot more than iPhone. iPhones these days are like car payment or house payment

  5. HAZOX

    The note 9 IS STILL CHEAPER and offers wayy more😂😂, I own an iPhone X and must say that I’d be embarrassed to even wipp out my phone if I saw someone with a note 9, I will be switching to Samsung soon

  6. ab trinidad

    Don’t compare any android phones to iPhones because it’s not the same hardware and features, That’s why android always slower over iPhones in any speedtest. Try comparing android to android and iphone to iphone.. Both devices has it’s own glam so stop bragging same phone. Its so unfair hearing android is slower, lagging over iphones. Iphones has Abionic chips, no android can beat that ofcourse, Its N O T T H E S A M E. Both phones has its own beauty, so its up to you where you want to stay…

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