Apple iPhone SE Review in 2017 – Is it Worth it?

iPhone SE Still worth it in 2017/2018! Should i buy iphone se in Apple 2018? Ios 11 or ios 10 for the SE? is it really worth it? In this video, we’ll do a quick comparison with the iPhone 5s and a full review of iPhone SE and find out if its worth it! iPhone SE camera quality, iPhone SE comparison, iPhone SE Performance, Geekbench! battery life and much more!

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36 Replies to “Apple iPhone SE Review in 2017 – Is it Worth it?”

  1. rambo a

    Best phone for everything, why are people obsessed with bigger phones. Screen is more than enough, super sharp and snappy and being so pocketable means u wont look like a rapist with an erection walking around

  2. Richard

    I went back to my se because I hate having a big phone that sometimes is impossible to but in your pocket. This is a perfect size for a phone . Nothing to complain about!

  3. Josh Arnold

    Looks like I’ve found my upgrade. I’m using a 16 gb iPhone 6, and the lack of storage is bothering me. The 6S is cool, but… that’s still 350 to 400 dollars, versus this being 150 to 200.

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