Android vs Blackberry Bold y iPhone 3G

Android vs Blackberry Bold y iPhone 3G

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26 Replies to “Android vs Blackberry Bold y iPhone 3G”

  1. Carlos Bravo

    @Evanforevertill2012 just to make it clear.. this guy is not from mexico. He is from Argentina, and yeah it was fucked up when u said tacos. And thanks @TheRickychengshow its good to see that u defend diversity. 🙂

  2. maxideg

    For those who don't understand Spanish, the video say about the advantages and disadvantages of Iphone, Blackberry and Android OS.
    Speed (Iphone | Blackberry | Android )
    Email (Blackberry | Iphone and Android (with Gmail is good))
    Interface intuitive(Blackberry | Iphone | Android)
    Sincronice with pc or Mac (Android | Iphone | Blackberry)
    Keyboard (Blackberry | Android | Iphone)
    Music download (Iphone | Android | Blackberry)
    Video Shoot (Android)
    This is 2009 Video, Android now is very good


    Well, dependiendo del modelo Android te da hasta 5 pantallas, which I find to be a great option. Ademas si hablas ingles, le hablas al sistema and just by talking it does must things for you.Yo le dicto lo que quiero a el celular y lo hace, perfecto para cuando manejas.

  4. Evan Hyland

    @TheRickychengshow im not putting him down , all i said was tacos , and u fucking bitch at me , but someone else in the comments called him a queer , why arent u bitchin at them when all i said was tacos , for pete sake …

  5. Rick G

    @Evanforevertill2012 what the fuck! dudes thats fucking racist, youtube is made for all kinds of videos, not just english. just because you dont understand it, you dont have to be a dick about it. i dont even understand it, im not bitching.

  6. xdeltomx

    Guys come on give him a break there is nothing better than being a little flexible with new things if we ignore somethings that's fine, that should challenge us to learn more and that includes Spanish. Show some respect.

    Maestrazo buenisimo el video, dejame adivinar eres de argentina?? Te digo que el android se lo lleva de encuentro al blackberry y al iphone. Sobretodo en cuanto a los precios. Soy de Peru pero vivo en Memphis


  7. loyu123

    good vid, i understood everything, android has better apps and features than blackberry other than email, iphone has the best apps but is not as good as blackberry in email integration?

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