An Honest Comparison: Apple iPhone X vs. LG V30

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26 Replies to “An Honest Comparison: Apple iPhone X vs. LG V30”

  1. RedWolfM

    I have an x and it took a while to get used too but when u have a free upgrade and use it, even if it takes a while to get used to I love it so much and find it hard picking up any other iPhone or phone in general because of the weight and fluidity it produces. I love it now although I would say it’s a bit overpriced

  2. Sean Paul Alejandro

    I have a v30 plus and iphone 7. I use them daily. I have also used the iphone X many times. There is no clear winner for everyone, but I am please with the v30 more than any phone I have used before. It isn't perfect, but as you said better than I, it is a seriously well done phone … perhaps the best all arounder.

  3. Dr Richard M

    LOL me too I had the I phone X and I have to switch to android and my first option was after watching 100 of videos about phones The LGV30 and I don't have any regret I have 1b sd card in it and unlimited space on google photo! plus I love google assistant! I have been an Apple user since the first phone they released. but I won't go back until they do something similar to android !!

  4. Pete Adams

    Good review what i love about the v30 is the dac and just watching people in normal life everyone seems to have their headphones in so why not get the absoult best in audio with a great screen and manual camera my v30 379$ on eBay for sprint plus model in mint condition love it have the v20 and note 8 as well

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