A Photographer’s in Depth Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Capabilities

In this review, I go over everything the Note 8’s cameras can do, their new features, how they excel, and what they’re lacking, for both photos and videos.

Link to test images gallery:

It’s also worth mentioning that I somehow forgot to talk about the waterproof part. I did do some underwater stuff and everything worked quite well.

Second note, there IS a little bit of speed control with the Hyperlapse mode, from auto…

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30 Replies to “A Photographer’s in Depth Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Capabilities”

  1. Uttam Kumar Nath

    Great video. Lots of ppl just play tips and tricks. But not details. But here it is where found all details. Thanks for to making all this video for us like non professional. We do have the curiosity but cannot find it always. This is one the channel that make me to subscribed with the love. Thanks brent.

  2. Dub Campbell

    Hey Brent, I've only seen this Note 8 camera review but I like your presentation so much I subscribed immediately!
    I could probably come up with dozens of questions but for now I only have one. What software do you use for editing your video? Your video is so clean I have to know! Obviously the video is great quality to begin with… I'm a Canon fan too… but edited video on YouTube is rarely as clean as yours and I'm thinking the software's rendering must be top shelf. It seems to be a notch or two better than Vegas Pro for instance, so what is it? Thanks.

  3. Rikhi Kang

    Great review mate. I'm ordering this phone for my wife. She needs to take pics of cakes in her shop. Do you think this will be a good enough device for quick indoor daylight photos?

  4. cyberwasp461

    was wondering if anyone has found a way to move the gallery photos from the phones internal memory to a newly inserted sd card. Looked through most of the youtube videos but only one had info but it was involving the secure folder. On my 2 year old LG phone you just heighted and moved them

  5. Donna Collins

    Great tutorial for photographers.   Photographers strive for great pics no matter the equipment and the GN8 allows that.  Thanks for taking the time to review. This is perfect for me as I also just got a GN8. I love the manual focus option.

  6. Mark Spencer

    Just received a lens clip that you mentioned. Interesting, but it's too short to cover phone cameras. The clip should be a half of inch longer at least to reach the camera lenses. Do you use it without a phone case?

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