A new device for securing data from evil hackers

A new device for securing data from evil hackers

It’s a bad idea to sign into a free Wi-Fi connection. Hackers can gain access to your personal data through a process called “juice jacking.” The USB cables to our smartphones keep transmitting data even when it’s not needed, explained by Drew Paik, the founder of a security startup called Authentic8.

Free Wi-Fi or free charging station?

The moment an individual connects his smartphone with a free Wi-Fi router; all his personal information becomes accessible for hackers who can also access his victim’s camera and keyboard!



Besides free Wi-Fi network, hackers also use public hubs that charge smartphone batteries. So yes, refrain from not only connecting to free Wi-Fi networks but also free USB cables connected to power sockets in various supermalls and restaurants.

 The perfect solution is to either buy a personal power bank or a charge-only USB cable not meant for data transfer.


PC Advisor

Authentic8 wanted to find out how many visitors at the RSA event actually plug into the charging station, which was placed in the venue. To Paik’s astonishment, the majority of the visitors never bothered to ensure the safety of the public charging station before plugging in.

Stay with TTN and find out more about personal data safety.

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