$60 FAKE Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus CLONE (Buyers BEWARE!)

Another well built fake is available that you should beware of – a fake Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus! Buyers, find out the differences and BEWARE!
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17 Replies to “$60 FAKE Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus CLONE (Buyers BEWARE!)”

  1. blakegriplingph

    The app at 3:32 is actually a secret menu added by the counterfeiter for resellers to change. A less than scrupulous reseller can make it look like as if it is the real deal, or be honest about its specs and make it report what's actually there. Depending on the device it can be accessed through a numeric code e.g. #*#789789#*# or something like that. I've tried out a counterfeit phone or two before so I can attest to that.

  2. Bonnie & Clyde Ride

    Just for reference.. my Note 8 and my wife's S8+ both had pieces of protective plastic around the edges, that was cut into several different pieces. These things differ depending on manufacturing date, network carrier, country, etc..
    Edit: also, many Chinese phones have the FM radio and I think US phones should include this feature. I live in the most active tornado lane in the USA and when the network goes down, it's so nice to grab an old BluBoo S8 I had bought for my youngest son, and be able to tune to an FM station locally and hear what's going on with the weather and power outages.

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