5 Must-Have Apps for Samsung Galaxy S8 (free & without ads)

In this video, I will share 5 must-have Samsung Galaxy S8 apps that are full-featured and free (without ads).

These apps will work on the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8+.

Let’s dive in.

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40 Replies to “5 Must-Have Apps for Samsung Galaxy S8 (free & without ads)”

  1. diane ridley

    The only reason I got the S8 was that I lost my S6. I am stunned that someone found it– intact! This S8 is the perfect example of NEW IS NOT BETTER!! I am seriously considering going back to my S6: I like the 3D home button. I like when I press the home button that the screen comes on when I want it to come on. I like when I press the volume keys, the sound increases and decreases as it should. WHY DOES THE VOLUME-CONTROL DROP-DOWN MENU APPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE, AND THEN BE UNRESPONSIVE TO MY INCREASING OR DECREASING THE VOLUME? How do I disable the f'n "edge" thing? It really is infuriating when trying to type and inadvertently touch the "edge" and all this shit comes up that I don't need right then! BS phone

  2. Anton Chekhov

    Samsung+ was not included on my S8 Unlocked but installed it from playstore. Helpful apps, thanks. Now if anyone can show me how to enable Samsung Pay on this UAE unlocked in the USA would appreciate it!

  3. Donnie Schnapp

    I know that You KNOW ALOT about the S8+, do I'm hoping you can help me out. Im having a problem with My "Clock " app that came with the phone… When my alarm goes off now , the X button that is Supposed to silent the alarm and close it out Does NOT work now, I have to actually go into the app and slide the alarm into the Off position for my alarm to stop going off so do you know why its doing this, any suggestions?? I don't even see it anywhere you try and update it.. Can you help me??

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