5 Best New iPhone / iOS APPS 📱 April 2016 – Week 2

Watch the GAMES Of The Week (Week 2 April 2016) 👾 here:


(No.5) DIALS:
(No.4) HOOKED:
(No.3) VEME:
(No.2) REDDIT:…

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32 Replies to “5 Best New iPhone / iOS APPS 📱 April 2016 – Week 2”

  1. Michael Stanton

    As a casual reddit user, I like it [Official Reddit App] more than any of the other options out there. Also, "GIF" according to the fellow that created it says it's pronounced "JIF" lol. Like Giraffe or Giant.

  2. Jin Kim

    I actually love the new Reddit app. I wish there were some features like searching inside a subreddit or a more compact "compact" view but overall I think its a great start. Its a beautiful aesthetically pleasing app, just like AlienBlue was (albeit it was showing its age). I know people prefer other Reddit apps like Narwhal, AMRC, etc but I could never like them because they were just so ugly.

    I'm a "seasoned" old redditor, and even then I don't need ALL the features in my phone's mobile reddit app. Just a few more key features in the new Reddit app and it'll be perfect.

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