3 Features OnePlus 6 Stole from the Samsung Galaxy S9

In this video, I will share 3 Software Features that the OnePlus 6 seems to have stolen from the Samsung Galaxy S9. There is nothing wrong with taking a few nice features and making them part of your own.

Let’s dive in and see what OnePlus 6 took from the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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26 Replies to “3 Features OnePlus 6 Stole from the Samsung Galaxy S9”

  1. Gerald Haniel

    Just a suggestion… These features were released on the galaxy S8 and many phones like the LG v30 had copied it from the S8… So the title should be "copied from S8" and not S9… It will be more appropriate… And less confusing…

  2. TeDz002

    Can we stop talking about companies stealing other companies' things. Literally every company copies or is inspired by the work of others (e.g. fortnite and pubg).

  3. Düdmæng Brøssøvítçh

    Actually, this video is very incorrect.
    Love Sakis videos, but…

    You could modify and add buttons to the navigation bar and hide it on LG phones LONG before samsuck had a navigation bar!

    AOSP had double tap to open camera LONG before Samsung did. I used to make double tap on the home button to launch camera on Samsung phones. LG also, always had a button shortcut to launch the camera. Samsung DID NOT originate this feature!

    Gaming mode is on a lot of phones. It is on my LG V30, for example, which came before the S9. The, "Stolen from S9," argument is invalid.

  4. omgitzmo

    Oneplus 5t always had an option to hide it, I know this since i brought it day one, the difference is now Oneplus offer permanent Nav bars, before it was show and hide default. Soooo..

  5. Samuel A

    the double tap power for camera is even on the oneplus 3 so they didnt steal it from the s9. Also lots of phones have had navigation bar customization for a long time.

  6. ben abo

    hidden feature that i found on my s8:
    when the nav bar is hidden you can hard press the home button and slide to the side of the back button to go back
    (it's works too on the recents apps tho)

  7. Sócrates Paulo

    In my point of view there are only two legit phone companies.

    The rest are just copying their way to success.
    If tomorrow apple or Samsung decides to produce a phone without speakers guess what " the copy masters will do the same".

  8. loughrey101

    Every company 'steals' ideas from other companies, Samsung is doing it all the time with Apple, so much so that they found themselves in a number of lawsuits. Apple is just after winning over half a million dollars only two days ago in a patent trial against Samsung, that is one of many they won against the Korean giant over its S series phones and its theft of iPhone patents. I'm leaving Samsung because their phones are becoming so boring, the same every year and the software experience never ever changes. OnePlus' endless customizations means the experience never gets boring and you're never left wanting to have a gesture that another phone has, unlike Samsung and its limited customization.

  9. Rafael Ribeiro

    Not sure about Game Mode, but I've being using the "Double tap the power button to launch camera" for quite a while. I guess it was introduced with Android Marshmallow? I remember using it with my Nexus 6 way back in 2015 / 2016;

    Also, the option to hide the navigation bar may be new to OEM skins, but CyanogenMOD (LineageOS) already had an option to hide Navigation Bar or Notification Bar or Both, for a long time too. It's called "Immersive Mode".

    I guess most of the OEMs just "stole" good ideas from the Android / Apple communities and applied to their smartphones.

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