25 Reasons Galaxy Note 9 Is Better Than iPhone XS Max

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We go over 25 reasons why Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could be considered better than Apple iPhone XS Max. This is part two of a two-part video series.



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46 Replies to “25 Reasons Galaxy Note 9 Is Better Than iPhone XS Max”

  1. Bubble Head

    IPhone is made by Samsung and Samsung is made by Samsung so can't say I phones is better then Samsung. The onle thing apple makes is they're cover that's it. The rest is bought by apple from Samsung

  2. asdfkie

    Fuck the iPhone it’s not improved at all I picked up my old iPhone 4 the other day it fit in my hand so much nicer and now I can’t even fucken call people with earphones when charging. I’m thinking of going back to my iPhone 4 and I’m using a 7

  3. VietHau

    samsung suck it it have lag on phone game not run smoot like iphone dose also iphone can do alot of thing samsung can not do iphone have 4k camra samsung only 1080p base system iphone stronger bettry last 10 year and not die like samsung sam sung bettey only 1 year it broke it suck dont matter if you add so much storge it matter ram and iphone have 256gb storge samsung u have to buy cards put in but it slow to transfer and they have error on the card so what the phone huh also samsung suck dick try to sam iphone model lol

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