25+ Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks!

We’ve compiled 25+ Galaxy S8 tips and tricks that will make you the ultimate Galaxy S8 pro (Galaxy S8+ too!). From firing up the camera the quickest and using the multiple multi window functions to using dual audio in Bluetooth 5.0 and advanced features, we cover it all in this video.


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25 Replies to “25+ Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks!”

  1. Redmist 78

    asked this in another vid never got an answer. i got mine two days ago. um my battery SUCKS……just sitting there and its going down. i have it optimized, etc. should i let it die first? wasnt sure if that was still a thing. thanks.

  2. Kyle Jensen

    Amazing video and thank you so much for all the tips. This really helped a lot. Was hoping someone can give me some advice on 3 things I'm struggling with….

    1. While my phone is on vibrate, all notification messages that come through will still make a sound. This was not the case with my other galaxy. When I put the phone on vibrate, all notifications will just vibrate as well. Is there a setting that needs to be changed?

    2. I use to receive push notifications from Yahoo to verify if it's me that's logging into my account from another device. With the new phone, the messages are still being sent to my old phone. How do I change this to my new S8?

    3. In my gallery, I see that the "Photo Editor Pro" is now hidden. Is there a way to change the settings so it always opens with "Photo Editor Pro" instead of selecting it every time?

    Appreciate any help

  3. seaside7cape

    It must be nice to know the Samsung but I have the 8+ May 2018 and you are a lousy teacher, first of all you talk way to fast and you jump around so fast that I cannot follow you . And you might think about updating your 8 /8+ because all you r showing is not doable or workable as you re showing

  4. Leah Grills

    I think it's funny when people reply to a comment thinking they are just writing stand alone comment. Cracks me up. I like this guy. It's tech so I don't know why people are expecting this guy to act like it's supposed to be Le Mis. I find is knowledge helpful and his voice to be studio quality and plenty interesting enough for a how to.

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