25+ Amazing Tips to Customize your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

In this video I will share over 25+ Tips and Tricks for your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. These Note 9 tips will allow you to fully customize this fantastic smartphone. Remember, you paid a lot of money for the Note 9 and it’s best to learn every aspect of this smartphone for maximum owner satisfaction.

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41 Replies to “25+ Amazing Tips to Customize your Samsung Galaxy Note 9”

  1. Gili Gueter

    I have an applied theme I purchased for my note 5 I transfered it to the note 9 . I selected to not to apply the theme to the navigation bar, however it did not change the colors and the black dot is not there .

  2. J S

    Is the action memo included in this version? It was a useful feature in past generations now it is gone. Probably will go back to the NOTE series when its added again.

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