20+ Galaxy Note 8 Tips and Tricks!

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We’ve compiled 20+ Galaxy Note 8 tips and tricks that should make you the ultimate Note 8 pro! We go over utilizing Multi Window, S Pen functionalities, changing up display grids, and even manipulating animation speeds to make your phone perform faster!



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49 Replies to “20+ Galaxy Note 8 Tips and Tricks!”

  1. Hugh Maxwell

    My notification panel cannot be accessed from swiping my finger from top to bottom on the screen (except I use the pen which annoys me). I must add though that if I swipe my finger on the finger print scanner from up to down ot works fine. But thanks for yoir video because it was as a result of your video that I tried out some stuff and stumbled on the feature to access my notification panel by using the finger print senser

  2. miltosfiesta

    I have a problem with s pen. I m writing a phone number saved it and then when I point my s pen on the number dosent shows me the phone icon so I can make a call……..can you show a video doing that?

  3. Jens Kristian Lundvoll

    When you make a video about tips and tricks to a specific phone I would expect that it's tricks and tips that are more exclusive to that phone.. but most of these features are stuff you can do on several Samsung phones

  4. Keith Wheeler

    My husband and I both got Note 8's and all of his contacts are on my phone. I have tried everything and can't seem to figure out how to only see my contacts. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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