10 Reasons Why Galaxy Note 9 is Better Than iPhone XS / XS MAX!

In this video we take a look at reason the Note 9 may be a better choice over the iPhone xs or Iphone Xs max.

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49 Replies to “10 Reasons Why Galaxy Note 9 is Better Than iPhone XS / XS MAX!”

  1. Stevie Bee

    Don't get me wrong, ..the iPhone is a great phone… for idiots that have nothing else to do with their money. Fact is: ..the Note 9 is far superior, an iPhone killer and a flagship destroyer. As soon as I see an iPhone fool, I basically proceed with taking out …my S Pen. roflmao….Go slap your self for following a trend that basically ended with a Note…hahahaha

  2. AG

    DOPE ON A ROPE NOTE RULES..was checking the S10+ specks there saying 5 cam phone with 4 versions 1 will be a 6.4 screen coming in 1st q 2019 ill be looking to check it out at CES in Jan

  3. Sameer Chowdhury

    Display Note 9
    Camera iPhone xs max
    Software iPhone xs max
    Battery iPhone xs max(At full resolution)
    UI iPhone xs max
    Speed. iPhone xs max
    Chipset iPhone xs max
    Longevity iPhone xs max
    Speakers iPhone xs max

    Yeah Note 9 is perfect. Still sucks that there is no headphone jack.

  4. Yuvraj Katkar

    Note 9 is simply the best android smartphone. I had used iphone 8 plus even iPhone x. You know in india iphones are very expensive. Note 9 128 gb price is Rs. 67999 whereas iPhone xs 64 GB Rs 99900 (almost 1 lakh) and iphone xs max 64 gb Rs 109900. Very funny Apple business in india. Apple ecosystem is just excellent in the world. I totally agree. But you know in note 9 you will see lot of customization. Just one example IRCTC (indian railway ticket booking) application is not available on Apple store. But available in Google play store. Number of applications in play store are more than apple store. I hate apple, the reason is lot of restrictions. For music lovers you have to take monthly or yearly iTunes subscriptions. Tim cook needs to rethink about the pricing of iPhones in india.

  5. Scott Gibson

    1) Yes. The price is too high. Much too high.
    2) The lack of an included quick charger and headphone dongle sucks. Feels stingy.
    3) No1 curr.
    4) This is the same as number 1.
    5) A notch is better than a giant top and bottom bezel in my opinion.
    6) 458ppi vs. 518ppi… If you were arguing colors or power consumption, you may have had a point, but ppi above 450 is moot.
    7) RAM doesn't matter for iPhones. XS and XS Max are beating the Note 9 (both Exynos and SD845) in speed tests and keeping large games open in the background. Ironically, the only speed test I've seen where the Note 9 does better at keeping apps open is the Everything Apple Pro speed test, where the 4K export test forced the XS Max to drop some games from memory.
    8) I didn't know that Samsung Pay worked on any NFC reader. That's really cool.
    9) This is kind of the same as number 1.
    10) Fingerprint… OK. That seems nitpicky. And let's not talk about the facial Samsung facial recognition that can be fooled by a picture and the iris scanning that researchers say may increase the risk of cataracts. Oops.

    It's a cool phone, but this list is booboo. You should have mentioned the S-Pen.

  6. Alex Pico

    With u 100%! I just think that Apple r out & out manipulating thieves! U mean 2 tell me they can't include a fast charger & the headphone dongle, after charging $1499???? Shame on them, & that's just 1 of many reasons I'll never buy an iPhone…

  7. Simon Emilifaxe

    Shitty video that note 9 is never better than IPhone xs max. Note 9 has irrelevant features which in real life no one will ever use. Iphone xs max is just straight forward a much powerful. Period smartphone period

  8. phonepower mobile

    I agree with the ten reasons. I hate the fact that apple gets away with this shit. They come out with a device that costs more but offers less. If I was a person looking to buy either device, I would go with the Galaxy Note 9 over the XS MAX. The fact that you get more ram and the same storage for less money is reason enough. I love the fact that the Galaxy Note 9 is keeping the 3.5mm headphone jack and MicroSD card expansion. All these things are better options with the Galaxy Note 9 over the IPhone XS MAX. I also love the addition of the fingerprint reader and the S-pen option. The other thing that pisses me off that apple gets away with is not including a fast charger in the box that the IPhones support. Also the 3.5mm headphone jack to lightening dongle is not included as well. But the thing is is this, if people want to continue to tell apple that this is fine then it is their choice. In my stand point it is not ok and is why I will not have an IPhone.

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