10 Awesome iPhone Apps You Probably Don't Know About

10 awesome iPhone apps you probably don’t know about (yet)
Blog post w/ links to apps:
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Inspired by a Reddit thread, here are 10 awesome apps that you probably don’t know about! (in no particular order)

FastCustomer – With a single tap, FastCustomer will navigate the phone tree to nearly any company’s department — like tech support or billing — then it will ring your…

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50 Replies to “10 Awesome iPhone Apps You Probably Don't Know About”

  1. Bliff

    wanna be a YouTube well your in the right place download a screen recorder first here's the secret the app is game screen recorder happy youtuber 🙂

  2. Sandy

    Hi Andy, check out the app RemoPlay (http://remoplay.com/) on windows and android. It is a cool remote player for youtube and up to 4 people can share their favourite video. They have a promotion right now that they can feature you on their home page and you will get more views for your youtube channel.

  3. James Jetter

    RunPee is an awesome app! I've had it for a few years now. Best part of it is that it tells you if there will be anything after the credits. That way I don't miss any "extra" scenes but I also don't have to sit there and get nothing out of it.

  4. matt D

    I cannot find TuneWiki, when I type that in to search for the app, result return an app called MetroLyrics. what am I doing wrong ? please reply when you have the time.

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